K K K Katie

Its a new day and I’m not going to bother commenting on all the members of our new superintendent’s council after all. I’ll stick to one of them, Katie Kaufman. In some ways its not really fair for me to pick on a particular member of the School Administration. I’m a private citizen and can […]

I like Mike

Mike Miernicki has filed for the at-large school board seat being vacated by Gary Glass. Mike was a popular History teacher. I subbed for him a couple times back in the 1970’s and early 80’s. After I was elected to the School Board Mike became the Activities Director at East High a position that had […]

Soda Schmoda

Another interesting item in school news. ExPrez Bill Clinton has brokered a deal with the soft drinks industry to pull soda pop out of the nation’s schools by 2009-10. Here’s a little Duluth backstory to this: Last night I was talking to a former high school principal and he mentioned this in regards to our […]

Divided day

My day was split in two by a mile swim. It began with two dozen folks learning how to raise money for the Duluth Schools Endowment followed by swimming then the fine arts. I went to my second dance class with Claudia and worked on the rhumba and the waltz. I rushed off after that […]

and now something useful

Since my appointment as a trustee of the Duluth Public School Board Endowment Fund last fall I’ve been slowly working on a plan to raise a serious endowment for the Duluth Schools. The present endowment is a hair over $450,000 and it has generated enough income to finance a dozen or more modest grants for innovative teaching projects […]