Justice and justices

I have made very few comments about the final lawsuit against the Red Plan. Its an environmental suit and I had a small part in an earlier such suit that lost steam. I have no expertise in this area of law and that is part of the reason I’ve stayed mum on the suit to stop the Western Middle School.

The last three years has done little to elevate my respect for the practice of the law. I’ve always known that those with deep pockets have an edge but just how elemental that influence is has been driven home repeatedly. And its not just wealth its also intangibles like influence and popularity. Justice may be blind but she sure as hell knows how to peek through her blindfold. Atticus Finch where are you?

This very funny, unintentionaly so, WDIO story shows how fortunate the parties to a lawsuit can be when they have momentum on their side. In this case Red Planers are successfully playing out the clock with serial judges who are discovering that they simply can’t trust themselves to be impartial.