Harry’s Diary 7-25-19

The non political first:

Its so nice out I decided to take my computer to our sundeck to fuss around with my campaign. This is the first time in a decade that an eggplant has grown on our deck despite many failed attempts. We’re getting some tomatoes too. Its been warm and our potted plants wilt very quickly unless they are watered daily. I’ve been by myself all week as Claudia is in Iowa with our grandsons at a church camp. I dasn’t let the plants die in her absence.

I haven’t been as consistent washing the dishes. I try to avoid eating much because our Kitchen remodeling is on hiatus with the long planned vacation by our contractor. He raced to get everything lined up before he left but a three day hunt for a broken electrical wire necessitated the removal of most of the cabinets he had just installed. We have a sink and appliances now but they are all in our garage. Claudia has been washing the dishes in the bathtub but when I got around to them there were too many for my taste. I Took them to the basement this morning and washed them in the washing machine’s tub. It will be well into August before we are back to normal.

In 2006 when I visited Springfield, MO and the new Abraham lincoln Museum I found this t-shirt.

I’ve been smitten with Abe since I complained to my Mom how ugly I was. She told me that Abe was a very ugly man instead of argue with me. It was a skin deep message that took. I was formally breaking with the party that abandoned the Great man so I could run an independent campaign for Congress. That’s when “lincolndemocrat.com” first made its appearance. Later I was to join the Democrats for a few years but I wanted my old party back – one where I was the norm not a pariah. Its been like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers for me over the last thirty five years. Reagan preached a “Big Tent” but his successors labeled me a RINO (Republican in Name Only)

Now that I’m intent of cleaning the Grand Old Party of the gangrene of Trump I’d like to get some more of these shirts. I’m sure its out of production. I bought a dozen of them in Springfield to give to my campaign volunteers. I asked its designer if I could use this copyrighted image of Abe in my campaign but he declined. Still, I show up in the blog every so often wearing it. It was good quality and I wore it yesterday during the Mueller testimony….only I was unable to listen to it because I was serving food at the CHUM Homeless Center. As I expected the spectacle only confirmed to the two sides, one right and the other corrupt, what they kept telling their devotees.

And finally,

Although the Republicans are in no hurry to safeguard the 2020 election from further Russian, pro-Trump hacking Facebook is working overtime to get out of the hacker and troll limelight. I’ve set up a Facebook account (after getting rid of the 2017 campaign account for my last school board campaign) and I’m having to jump through all sorts of hoops to advertise in it. Their robots keep telling me it doesn’t conform to their standards and I keep trying to address the robots concerns. I get the impression that I have too much text on the picture of Harry Truman. Its not offensive. Its simply the silly name of the Facebook Page that struck my fancy: Harry Welty Givem Helty