Its sunny again so why am I not out going door to door?

Because I’m juggling right now. I just came back from the offices of the News Tribune where the Education Reporter had scheduled a half hour interview with me. She turned off her recorder with about five minutes to go and we had a candid cordial conversation about stuff she wouldn’t put in the story anyway. There’s nothing I would have minded her recording so she only saved a little battery power. I also stopped by to see the Trib’s editor Chuck Frederick and show him my proposed op ed piece. Its a little novel and I wanted to plead my case for putting it in the Trib as written. He saw nothing wrong with it other than some data he wants to confirm before he publishes it. I was pleased. It was a cordial meeting and I joked that my testiness with the Trib’s editorial board isn’t new. I recall twitting (not tweeting) the editors a quarter century ago long before he found himself in the Editor’s chair.

I’ve also been making calls to arrange for my first fundraising letter. It may go out Friday if all goes well. My hints to my eight loyal followers about helping out seem to have been falling on deaf eyes. I could use a little help as Claudia has been noticing my regular withdrawals from our bank account. She is good with the 70-hour-weeks I’ve been putting in to campaign but she seems to think that if I want to get back on the School Board there ought to be some tangible demonstration of help from my potential constituents. (That’s a hint and none too subtle hint at that. So is this link.)

I mentioned that there were some interesting happenings at the Ordean/East school board forum on Monday night. I’ll just mention one.

It went pretty quickly because for the six questions we were asked we were given one minute to reply. They were questions like do you believe in God, why or why not? You know, easy-peasey questions. I answered one of them in 31 seconds and another in about 12. The quick replies caught poor Rosie Loeffler-Kemp, who answered them after me, off guard. And one of my answers brought a school counselor over to chat me up. It was the astounding factoid (the one I’ll have to prove to Chuck Frederick) that twenty years ago our District put $14 million local levy dollars into the classroom whereas now we only put $2.5 million into the classroom.

The counselor came over to lament the loss of her fellow counselors. She told me that when she was first hired, in what I called the District’s “Golden Age,” she was one of 30 school counselors on the District payroll. Now she is one of 12.

She could obviously relate to the loss of $10 or $11 million dollars from the operations budget and understand how that impacted her. The kids she helps have critical, emotional needs that no teacher with 40 kids in a classroom can attend to.

As I told the East parents: Our school board could use financial experts far more than public relations experts.

Now I can go door to door.