A former City Councilor chimes in

I just got a call from a former city councilor. The Councilor too enjoyed the column. The Councilor also told me that that the UGLRC scandal helped convince them to switch to the Republican Party. Since then the Councilor has switched to being an Independent.

The Councilor had a friend on the periphery of the UGLRC stew who had witnessed how hard Duluth Democrats worked to get Oberstar the DFL nomination. That friend had also told the Councilor who the next Mayor of Duluth would be (thirty years ago that is). The friend had been handed an envelope with $5,000.00 in it to give to this mayoral candidate’s campaign. The friend refused to be a bag person so someone else had to pass the money on. I think I’d like to talk to the friend. I have a feeling that there are lots of interesting stories out there.