Float like a butterfly . . .

For reasons that passeth my understanding I have been unable lately to upload my cell phone pics to the blog from my Flickr account. Well, Google also captures my pics and this is a Red Admiral Butterfly I caught on one of our garden’s cone flowers. The picture has nothing to do with anything I routinely blog about.

This one does:

Over the past four or five days I’ve put 20 plus hours into stuffing about 4,000 envelopes to pass out door to door. I added one more item to it that I didn’t pass out my first day going door to door before driving to Nebraska to watch the full eclipse. It has a little more meat to it. I was pleased with the op ed piece I wrote for the Tribune so I printed up 5,000 copies in hopes it might make my request for donations a tad more compelling. (I’d wager that less than one in three voters reads the Trib these days) I will resume passing out my literature tomorrow and will do so in such a way that the post office will not call me back to complain that my flyers are touching mail boxes.

One thing puzzles me. I caught 3/4ths of Barbara Reyelts’s interviews with school board candidates on Sunday morning (including mine) just as their News Director, Kevin Jacobsen, told me they would be scheduled. It may be Reyelts’ last appearance on KBJR. I can’t find them anywhere on KBJR’s website. That is unusual. The local TV stations do so little “public affairs” programming its surprising they would bury the little they produce. I heard that after the first interview, the one between Rosie Loeffler-Kemp and her challenger Kurt Kuehn (pronounced Keen), Rosie read Barbara the riot act. I missed that single interview Sunday but someone captured a blurry video of it. Rosie did not acquit herself very well. Mr. Kuehn did.

Rosie is Annie Harala’s close ally and both board members worked hard to recruit candidates with the help of folks like AFSCME’s longtime President, Alan Netland. They want to keep the balance of power unchanged on the Board after Annie’s departure. In fact, I’d say that all the new recruits they found sounded a bit fuzzy in the Reyelts’ interviews. Kevin Jacobsen is Annie’s husband so I can’t help but wonder if this helps explain why the interviews didn’t make it to KBJR’s website. Probably not, but then its hard at times not to scratch one’s heads over strange doings. In any case, their absence seems like a slap in the face to Barb Reyelts.