A Crock!

Yesterday’s paper was lying open on my desk with that asinine headline blaring: District: Environmental study shows Ordean school site will succeed

What a crock. Sure, You could squeeze a five-story single family home where my two-story home currently sits but why? Consultants will tell whoever is paying them whatever they want to hear. In this case its Dr. Dixon who has said the Ordean site is the “lynch-pin” for the Red Plan. What the hell else would his consultants tell him?

And what the hell was the School District doing hiring people to do an EAW? That is most unusual. Normally some other impartial entity like the City would order it. And why did the District lie about the EAW to a School Board member?

I’m reminded of one of the early thank you note’s I posted that read: “…find a way to stop the Red Plan. If it is left to stand it will be 50x the debacle (and embarrassment) of the Aquarium.”

Consultants told us Duluth would make money because people would flock to see exotic fresh water fish like trout and sturgeon in a tank. To me the best illustration of the Aquarium’s dizzy underpinnings were the dozens of ropes hanging from its ceiling with dried fish carcasses spaced every foot or so on the way down. It was the Aquarium’s risible attempt to wed nature with art.

The people who wrote up that EAW are ….Well, let me just say that the Red Plan has demonstrated over and over the lengths to which people will go to line their pockets.