Lying to the Board

This story in the Trib demonstrates yet again the lengths to which Dixon will go to keep the public misinformed.

The Duluth school district has completed a voluntary environmental assessment that it says should alleviate concerns about its plans to convert Ordean Middle School into a high school.

I posted a while back that Kerry Leider had lied to Board member Glass about whether the District would perform an EAW. Well, apparently it has completed one. A key to staying employed on Dr. Dixon’s staff is the willingness to tell a lie.

This is not first lie Kerry has told. He now denies that he ever said JCI could earn lots of money on the Red Plan. From my May 20, 2008 post:

As early as last summer Duluth’s most eminent Landscape Architect, Kent Worley, surmised that the language in this contract, which lists many payments to JCI in excess of 2%, could earn the company as much as 10% of total costs. According to one of our newest School Board members, Gary Glass, this figure was supported by our Director of Facilities, Kerry Leider. However, ever since a headline trumpeted $33 million in earnings for JCI Dr. Dixon has repeatedly maintained in print and in person that the contract specifies a 2% earnings for JCI despite the contract’s language to the contrary. The Duluth News Tribune which is reaping considerable advertising dollars from the District has not seen fit to pursue this story.

Is it any wonder I consider Dr. Dixon unscrupulous?