Let’s see what $500,000 might “buy”

An email being circulated in Let Duluth Vote Circles

Today we hear that the District just purchased a motel, that previously was not scheduled to be purchased, for either 400,000 or 500,000. (either way, a heck of a lot of money) Lets consider that the District is being truthful when they say that they are closing Ordean and Piedmont early because of budget cuts (and not because it makes it easier for them to rush ahead of schedule on those two schools without pesky students being in their way)

If this is the case, let’s see what 500,000 might “buy” the District if they had 500,000 more (which they don’t now, because they are busy buying up motels that currently are housing people who have no where else to go). I also hear the small business on the corner is interested in selling since the offers seem to be so generous!

Just how far does 500,000 go?

Eliminate General Fund support for Co/extracurricular programs $1,100,000
Athletic/Extra-curricular offerings reduced to two HS $250,000
Additional staff development reduction 50% $550,000
Increase class size by one $1,176,000
Eliminate 8th grade option STC $232,000
Fund STC from ratio $940,800
Transportation services reduced to state guidelines $300,000
Accelerate school closing schedule $1,700,000
Reduce Middle School allocation by 3.5 FTE $294,000
Reduce administrative positions $100,000
Charge space cost to discretionary programs – $100,000
Reduce ESL program – $84,000
Combine teen parent and habitat programs – $84,000
Reduce elementary school day 15 minutes $840,000
Change Middle School from 7 to 6 period day $901,000
Elementary Day – Shorten by 15 minutes $840,000
Eliminate the High School zero hour $252,000
Lengthen School Day and Reduce # of School Days $864,000