The Trib can take it

I frankly didn’t think the Trib would print my most recent letter to the editor. I was wrong and bless the editors for letting me use them as a punching bag.

I’ve always been impressed with a good newspaper’s willingness to let their readers read them the riot act. That’s not usually true of small local weeklies like the Proctor Journal who’s owner recently was appointed by the City Council to fill a city council vacancy despite his owing $200,000 in unpaid back taxes to Proctor. It probably helped that the Journal wouldn’t publish a story about Proctor Mayor Anderson’s using his position as President of the Proctor Economic Development Authority to purchase a $200,000 parcel of city land for $50,000 even though the State Auditor described the deal as malfeasance.

My guess is that the journalists on the Trib are furious with the medaling by Forum Communications and its stripping down of the paper to save money which gives subscribers less reason to read it and which in turn gives advertisers less reason to buy ads. Its a death spiral. Snotty letters like mine may be one way of letting their corporate overlords know how shortsighted their business decisions are.