Budgeteer leads the Trib again

Jana Peterson is once again ahead of her rival Forum Communication’s newspaper, The Duluth News Tribune, by interviewing Gary Glass about Let Duluth Vote’s Plan B.

In fact, Bill Hanson, the District’s Finance Director, will be meeting with several Let Duluth Vote representatives tomorrow afternoon to discuss the hiring of suitable consultants to further develop our Plan B over the next few months into a suitable document for review and comment by the Dept. of Edcuation. This will not be so time consuming because Johnson Controls has already completed a significant analysis of the District’s facilities which we can build upon. We hope to be done well before next year’s construction season.

We are confident that our plan’s reduced scale follows the verbiage of the petition that we circulated. The devil, as they say, will be in the details.

Jana concluded her story with one pronouncement that has already been contradicted by the Minnesota Dept. of Education:

“Adding to the confusion is the fact that the money the district already bonded for can be used only as detailed during the sale of the bonds.”

In our discussions with the MDE last year it was made quite plain that future school boards have the authority to alter existing bonds with the OK of the Department of Education.