Reviews on my Budgeteer column

I didn’t link earlier to my Saturday column in the Duluth Budgeteer. I got some good feedback on it but had forgotten about it until I got two letters about it today.

The first came from a prominant local attorney I’ve never met. As I opened it I was expecting a warning from a JCI attorney attempting to intimidate me into shutting up.

To my delight it said:

“A personal note of thanks for your commentary in the most recent Budgeteer News. I am glad that all the light that can be shed on this subject, is being shed. Many thanks…”

A second handwritten letter from someone else I don’t know begged me to submit a new photo to the Budgeteer because she “cringes” every time she sees it She said it reminded her of a “man under indictment for a crime of a seedy nature.” She thanked me for my “doggedness.”

It also said :

“While I applaud your tireless efforts in opposition to the Red Plan I do hope you have a photo that enhances your credibility and reflects the perfectly sane and pleasant person I imagine you to be. “