Chair Miernicki responds concerning…

…a former Board member’s teacher contract analysis:

Hello Harry,
Thank you for the update. I am wondering about Mr. Paulson’s letter. Should I be at the 10/20 meeting? I didn’t know about it.
Also, what does the following statement from Mr. Paulson mean?
“Here are my observations on this contract which I hope you fellows can talk about at the
mtg 10/20 if you think the public& board should know”

Is there something “the public& board” should not know?
Best Wishes As Always,
Mike MIernicki

My reply:

Hi Mike,

I sent the email on to all board members to share former Board member Paulson’s analysis. “You fellows” almost certainly refers to me and perhaps Art Johnston although I didn’t look at the email closely enough to see who else it was sent to.

I asked Mr. Paulson for his observations on the contract as I have yet to read it through myself. He has been waiting for it since it was passed by the Board early in May. I presume he may have gotten the date of tonight’s meeting wrong as I have not met with him and had no plans to meet with Rich on the 20th.

Since Mr. Paulson was probably referring to tonight’s meeting its evident to me that Mr. Paulson was suggesting that he would have no objection to our sharing his concerns at the meeting – with the public. Mr. Paulson and I share the belief that our District and School Board should be as transparent as possible.

See you tonight,