Kelm anecdote

One man who looms large in the story of Don Boyd is Thomas Kelm a cat who always seems to have landed on his feet. The subject of numerous unflattering stories during his days as Gov. Anderson’s Chief of Staff he seems now to be the stuff of legends. Last week in his Budgeteer Column, […]

Vietnam, back home in Mankato

Tonight’s episode, yet to air, will carry the story of Vietnam up to 1969. Last night got us to President Elect Richard Nixon. As the PBS series makes clear Nixon told a few people privately that there was no quick exit from Vietnam despite his campaign assurances that he was going to get that done […]

New tidbit to the Boyd story

After four days of uninterrupted gardening its good to get back to something else. Even if I stayed up way past my bedtime, golly its a quarter past midnight, I’ve added an interesting new tidbit to the Boyd story I’ve been working on. Tidbits is what they are. I’m not ready for an entire chapter yet but I’ve […]

Cigar Trouble

My investigations of the Upper Great Lakes scandal has taken me on some unexpected turns as well as a trip down memory lane. I ran for the legislature in 1976 when I was just a pup. The Republicans paid little attention to me because I was running on the DFL side of the city. An […]