Keen on Kuehn

Photo by: Bob King / I was pleased to see this picture on the anniversary of Duluth’s infamous lynching because one of the new school board candidates is pictured in it, Kurt Kuehn (pronounced KEEN). The caption below had his comments on the grim history, to wit: “It’s always inspirational,” said Kurt Kuehn of […]

I got waxed – I like my chances

Of four candidates for the two at-large positions I came in fourth. I got 34 votes the two winners got 234 and 244 votes. There were about 300 delegates with votes. And yet after my many political scrapes today’s convention was painless for me. It was like staying awake for an open heart surgery with […]

A meditation Pt 13

And if threat was a last resort the first resort was equally manipulative. Dr. Dixon is a master at emoting and shedding tears on cue but I have my doubts about his sincerity. From his first minute in Duluth he choked up with one lie, possibly two, calculated to impress his listeners that he was […]

The lies of Keith Dixon #4 and 5

Dr. Dixon told his first recorded lie in Duluth just three days into the job. His arrival in Duluth coincided with the completion of the memorial to remember the infamous 1920 lynching of three black men in Duluth. I’ve read Michael Fedo’s book on this incident twice over the years and recently took part in […]