Bob Mars Jr.

Bob Mars Jr. died yesterday. I served with Bob for six years on the Duluth School Board. I first met him forty years ago when it was suggested I introduce myself to him for my first legislative campaign in 1976. I left that meeting at his offices in W. P. & R.S. Mars Co with […]

Nine – Eleven Remembrance

I am sure that shortly after 9/11 I posted my recollection of events as a spectator. I haven’t found them as yet so I’ll mention some things now. I had a two-year-old website at the time. For the next half a year I posted this photograph I had taken of the Duluth East Choir during […]

Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

It took the DNT nearly a month to get around to publishing my letter replying to Ralph Doty. I still haven’t seen it. Tomorrow maybe. It only took about 12 hours for school board member Ann Wasson to get a reply in the paper to Art Johnston. Ann calls Art uncivil which I’ll bet teaches […]

The Pied Piper effect?

I haven’t found the definitive data after ten minutes of googling. One problem is that the actual 2010 Census hasn’t yet been reported. This is the year that all elective bodies including the Duluth School Board will redraw their election districts to reflect the actual population. (Wouldn’t it be funny if I found myself redistricted […]


It rained steadily on Thursday as I drove down to Faribault. I got into town late but drove around a little to get my bearings. A former high school classmate had offered at my 40th reunion last summer to introduce me to the guys he regularly had coffee with. He assured me they had strong […]

More Money for the Board?

The last time the School Board raised its pay was the year before I was sworn in. Evidently the Board is considering whether to bump the pay up by about 11 percent. Laura Condon, who has served for 9 years says she’s opposed to this since the District is having hard fiscal times. So what […]