I file tomorrow

This afternoon I finally broached the subject of my filing for the school board with Claudia. There is much I could write about this. She hates politicking. She’s not eager for me to yet again be a perennial candidate or I guess, not taken seriously. She ended by telling me something she’s said just before I filed for a couple other offices. “Your’e going to do what you want anyway.” I’m selfish and I am.

I may not be elected. I thought about writing that “I planned to campaign like crazy” in the blog to throw people off. I plan, at least right now, not to campaign at all other than the formalities that are expected of me. I’ve campaigned for office over the years in Duluth more than anyone else I know of albeit not terribly effectively based on a wins loss column.

I won’t run to rehash the Red Plan. I won’t run for revenge. If elected, a big if, I’ll work on the thing that drove me my first four campaigns for the school board. I want teachers to call the shots or at least to call shots as they never have before. I never had a prayer of getting that done before. today. The odds of getting it done or working toward that end are still very long but I’m intrigued by the opportunities the Red Plan Debacle has opened up. Another 50 senior teachers are retiring. The remaining teachers are struggling with large classes. Given an opportunity to show there stuff at a time when all the state and federal mandates are under assault and the School District Administration is chastened by successive failures it may be time for a Hail Mary pass.

My mind was made up after my talk with Claudia. I’m an idiot, although an idealistic one, and she’s a saint.

After watching an old movie on Netfix streaming I found out from the 10PM news broadcast that Tom Casper will not be running for the School Board.

Its a wide open field with no incumbents. I like my odds perennial though they may be.