Some potential good news for Duluth’s school Board…

…and a lot of qualifications from me:

The DNT’s story on Governor Dayton’s tax proposal offers some hope in mitigating the Red Plan’s disaster in Duluth. (Golly, this one was actually on their website)

Dayton wants a billion additional dollars for education although three quarters of this would go to colleges. All Districts will get their share so Duluth won’t do any catching up with other Districts that don’t their own Red Plan ball and chain. Still, this District is desperate for any good news. I expect the Governor to get his way – mostly. He doesn’t even have a lower house majority of GOP to pester him any more.

NOTE: To put this $243 million more for public education in perspective look at it this way: Its 72 million less for the whole state than tiny Duluth spent all by itself on the Red Plan. ($315 million) It’ll be a drop in the bucket for us. Our share of it will be about 3% of the total or about $730,000. And it ain’t in our pocket yet. We won’t get any of it until the following school year. Meanwhile the District has to cut another $3.5 million and use up more of its rapidly diminishing reserve.