Maunday Thursday 9 PM – Pt. 4

Having just accused the new Republicans of not being Christians I’ll make an easier claim. They are lousy defenders of democracy.

I think I watched the Rachel Maddow show about two years ago. I’ve seen a few youtube clips of her but that’s about it. I was just doing some uncharacteristic channel surfing when I happened upon this story. She was saying something about the worst example of GOP excess since the 2010 election. I held on to watch.

What she reported about the Republicans of the Michigan legislature is truly vomit inducing. Its worse than a mandated transvaginal ultrasound. If I were a concealed and carry gun owner and a Democratic Michigan legislator I’d be tempted to use the “stand your ground” defense and shoot Michigan’s GOP legislators.

See for yourself. If you don’t agree that these bozos are acting like little fascists you are probably embarassed by Jesus and his defense of the poor and humiliated. (Sorry about the ad at the beginning)

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