My letter

I spent the day returning the money sent to me in 2009 to purchase my book. I enclosed the following letter:

Dear Friends,

In 2009 you ordered a book I planned to write which was to be titled “The Amazing Colossal Red Plan.” As I have failed to meet the announced December 2010 completion deadline which I advertised I am tendering refunds to all the book’s purchasers.

I continue to write voluminously about the Red Plan, however, as my writing has been largely confined to the Internet (on a blog called my ongoing thoughts and discoveries are out of the reach of many readers. Almost every jot and tittle of my writing can still be accessed Online but as I’m nearing a million words on the subject I felt they should be abridged into a book about the size of a summer read.

Initially I hoped a book could forestall the Red Plan until a vote could be taken on it. When it became apparent that nothing would stop the Red Plan I took solace in the thought that it was a subject worthy for an history. While I still believe this to be true there are two glaring problems with my being the historian. First, the story is not yet over. Second, as an opinionated participant I am hardly the objective voice one would wish to write a history.

Despite these faults I may yet try my hand at recording the story. Whether I will simply put together a representative sample of blog posts or write the story from beginning to end I do not yet know. I would like to tell the other side but as I have criticized many of my opposites this may not be possible. When the Red Plan is over I may, however, be able to coax some of the innocent bystanders to share their side. These would be employees of the School District and/or contractors who were subject to firing.

I think such a history would be more useful to people interested in public school politics than those who feel aggrieved in Duluth. But the time to write such a book seems premature.

I beg your indulgence for my failing to honor my offer and I thank you for your purchase.


Harry Welty
Duluth School Board 1996 to 2004

PS. I am initially refunding all buyers $10.00 even though in some of my advertisements I asked for $20.00 in addition to donations for Vote Like It Counts. I was not able to keep accurate records of those who sent me $20 for the book but I will gladly make a full refund to those who notify me that they sent me a check for the larger purchase price. Save yourself a stamp and call my home at 218-***-**** and leave your name and address. If you do I will send you a second check to complete the refund.