What every election is about…..

the future!

Educating our children is no small deal. America pioneered near universal public education then the Republican Party noticed some failures, real not imagined, and then proceeded to inflict public education with more snake oil cures than you can shake a stick at. The result. An American population of science denying, divided paranoids striking out like blind men in a paper bag.

That kind of population will only slow the search for finding solutions to save our Grandchildren’s Earth. This is not a Chinese hoax.

At the top of this post you can see me and my little sister in British, Columbia in the summer of 1968. We climbed up to a glacier on a warm day. I’ll give you good odds that this glacier, if it still exists, has retreated to a nubbin of what it once was. A similar condition affected the Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau that Claudia and I took our grandsons to see five years ago. The park museum had been built by it years earlier but the glacier had already retreated miles further upstream as chunks of its ice floated past my grandsons.

Everything I envision for Duluth will be aimed at giving our children, all of our children, a future not a calamity. We need to clean up the Central site. That will require a million dollars
to tear it down, maybe two million. For the last decade we have spent that much to keep it heated in the Winter. It will not be used as a school. We also need a public referendum on whether Duluth wants to spend $50 million to restore Old Central as an Administrative building. If it doesn’t pass we need to sell it to someone in the private sector who will honor the requirements of the nation’s laws of historical preservation. We need to get the public on the side of yet another level of funding increase through a levy increase. I will work tirelessly to win the public over to this way of thinking.

We will be selecting a new Superintendent of Schools. We need someone who can crawl out of the shadow of Dr. Keith Dixon and his divisive, ruinous Red Plan. We need more teachers. We need a School Board that realizes it is management and has only one employee – the Superintendent of Schools. We need to respect our employees and the public. No more getting sued for hiding public data from the public or even school board members.

You can check out Dr. David Kirby’s Facebook Page here. However, if you want to contribute to the kind of change our children need you can push the button below. For $15 I will send you a book a quarter-century-in-the-making about public education with an emphasis of the Duluth Experience. I believe I’ve taught myself to be a pretty competent writer and I know I’m an honest historian. I can even be funny. Don’t be afraid to raise your donation a little higher than $15.00. That’s only enough to print them. 500 of them. My book, like the snow sculpture trading cards I passed out in the 2017 election, will be a little bit of Americana…..or Duluthicana, if you will: Donate here:

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