Vote your head

I agree with the first half of today’s fair and balanced News Trib Page. Vote your head not your anger.

My votes will all be cast to replace School Board members. If the Trib had been around in June of 1776 it would have written an editorial begging the populace to remember that King George was only trying to protect the colonists when he taxed their tea to pay for the dragoons who were quartered in the colonist’s homes to save the King some money.

As for the column by the fellow who lost his lawnsigns. Big deal! It hardly bears mentioning compared to his complaint that someone threatened a Red Plan supporter’s children. He complained to me about the stolen lawnsigns before his op ed piece shortly after a flock of signs were stolen from my yard.

I’m not the only person on the side of the voters who lost signs. Brenda Anderson emailed me this morning:

“Sign thieves hit my yard yesterday and hit the jackpot. As you all know, my yard is filled. They took all candidates signs including the vote like it counts and only left the Stauber & Let Duluth Vote signs which were slightly separated from the rest. They even took my other council sign which is surprising unless they were just on a grabbing fest and didn’t bother to read – just grabbed. I think it happened around 11:30 last night. I heard a truck out front with pipes, and it took off fast and loud.”

For those of you who hate to see lawnsigns wasted feel free to drop by my house today or tomorrow and take all you want. Those that don’t go up, about 800 of them, are being landfilled next week.