The power of the press

Apparently one of the people who has gotten a lot of unfavorable attention by the Duluth News Tribune has just committed suicide. If my supposition that the victim is who it seems likely to be its likely that the Trib’s attention was a factor.

Folks who make a living hiring strippers don’t get much sympathy. If they serve alcohol to minors, are careless about displaying firearms, smoke marijuana, and face prosecution for these and other offenses they are even less sympathetic. But even the sum of these misdemeanors don’t come close to earning a self administered death penalty.

Having read recently in the Trib that I have declared war on Duluth’s children I can sympathize with Mr. Gradisher. Of course, I’ve had a dozen folks ask me who to vote for in the last day so I know the hyperbolic criticism leveled at me is just silly. But if I was Mr. Gradisher with no supporters I could see how he might slip into depression. The power of the press to do good and or ill is well known.

What was reported about the owner of the “North Shore Experience” was fair enough so the Trib should feel no blame for his reaction to it. If, after the Red Plan is over and done with, the Trib can say the same about its coverage of this story they should also feel absolved for any blame for its consequences.

I suspect that Mr. Gradisher did feel some shame for his actions or he would likely have weathered the notoriety. My Father was a great believer in shame and I am too under deserved circumstances. Frankly, its not the Tim Gradisher’s of the world that much worry me. I’m a lot more concerned about the people who have no shame.