“I just post rumors”

The Trib also covered the most recent offer to buy Nettleton to fall through.

This was something I posted a week ago, possibly to the annoyance of some board members who wanted us to adhere to the policy forbidding the District from selling empty schools to “competitors.” I noted in that post that an even larger offer had been made by the Many Rivers Montessori for Nettleton than the unreliable developers who left us holding a costly bag yet again. Would that be you Rosie?

Alanna Oswald had asked me how it was I knew that it was Many Rivers negotiating for Woodland Hills Cobb school (after having given up on our school board). Today she sent me the story on Many Rives purchase with the comment, “I guess you were right.”

I wrote back, “I just post rumors. I can’t help it if some of them turn out to be true.”

So, because of our fear of a competition from a pre-school we have lost out on a better offer for Nettleton while continuing to be stuck with an annual cost of about $35,000 to heat the building and protect it from window breaking vandals.