Before I leave for Florida….

…where I’ll be wishing my father-in-law a Happy 90th Birthday, I’ll point my eight loyal readers to two stories about what’s happening in the Duluth School District.

Second, from tomorrow’s News Tribune there is this. It explains the school board’s sudden surprising (to me)lack of enthusiasm about employing RSP as our guides for further public input on resetting school boundaries. Suddenly equity has more of our Board’s attention than the uneven distribution of our school age population.

And First, giving vent to his frustration with demographer’s is the Duluth School Board’s most faithful chronicler, Loren Martell, in the Duluth Reader.

And while its not online yet there may be another DNT story tomorrow mentioning that I will be running for reelection to the Duluth School Board. I’m not sure any of the other incumbents has announced yet but I’m kinda counting one colleague to join me at his leisure.