Chuck Frederick asked me what I thought …

…about the Superintendent’s looking for a new superintendency.

He may put a quote in tomorrow’s newspaper.

In short, I said I had no problem with it although I typed up a longer response to give my quote context.

Here is a little context. I got a call from a member of the Elk River School Board about Mr. Gronseth. We had a long cordial and frank conversation. Afterwards I suggested he call our superintendent and explain to him that I recommended he give him a call to follow up on our conversation. Then I called Bill because I didn’t want to blindside him about the possiblity that an Elk River school board member would call him to follow up on my conversation.

Mr. Gronseth and I had a long dinner together on Friday and had a frank and cordial conversation about my chat with the Elk River School Board member as well as other subjects relating to the Duluth School Board. Both our wives were out of town so our dinner was unhurried.

Put another way, I see nothing wrong with the Superintendent looking for new challenges. I think he would be foolish not to explore his options and I would never hold his search against him any more than I would condemn an East or Denfeld graduate for shopping for colleges other than UMD.