Our constituents continue a new round of venting over our refusal to sell schools to “competitors:”

It seems almost moronic what your decisions have become lately. This time Montessori has offered to buy one of the 3 remaining closed schools. It was rejected by the ONE board member that even knew about the offer. Ms. Harala didn’t even think the board should be informed! She states, again, that you can’t sell to “competition”. Who the H do you think will buy these 4 buildings, a car manufacturer?????? Many Rivers is not even close to a public school and only has 115 students, more than half of them “toddlers”. We have 4 closed schools, good offers on all and you hide behind your “competition” theory. One of the reasons you gave when you sold us taxpayers the $315 million Red Plan was that you will sell the old schools and reduce the debt. Well, DO IT!!! Mr Johnston is looking like a genius right now. C.S.

I wrote back telling C.S. that I agreed.