Day 46 the Debate – Still stewing about it.

The reviews are grim. Trump lied his way to a floor wiping. “Wiping the floor” was Trump’s description in the text he sent me.

Within a few painful minutes of watching a ghostly Biden walk to the podium I texted my like-thinking brother that it was all over. I’d heard someone say that minds would be made in the first 30 minutes of the 90 minute debate turned Democratic ordeal. My niece only lasted five minutes. Our brotherly rehash on the phone today covered a lot of bases.

There are calls all over the New York Times and other locales for Biden to step aside. That was my first thought. When I couldn’t stay asleep I went to my office to write a press release. I read it to my Bro and it made him mad. It wasn’t my words or conclusions so much as his sense I didn’t give Biden credit for saving the US from an immediate Trump Second term.

I wrote a lot of things but I’m second guessing myself now so I’ll stew about the November Presidential election a little longer before adding to my comments here. In the meantime, I will head north to Silver Bay this afternoon for some door to door and to meet with potential supporters who I suspect will fade away after they get a closer look at me.

I will add this. I have been thinking for several months that I would vote for a dead Joe Biden rather than a living Donald Trump any day of the week. Nothing I saw on CNN last night changes that conviction.

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