Day 49 Prime campaigning Masked and unmasked

As the lyric “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” from the song “Me and Bobby McGee” by Janis Joplin says money can be a trap albeit a comfortable trap.

Pete Stauber is a big shot who reminds me of the call centers of twenty years ago where last chance job seakers got on the phone to call people every ten seconds to sell them something they didn’t want. Pete is expected to call millionaires who do value something he has. The ability to vote to give them tax breaks so they have a huge interest in keeping him in Congress. It works. Look at this upper income tax chart that goes back to my childhood and look how much less rich people pay as they lay Trump like taxes on the goods the Middle class wants.

Necessity is the mother of invention and the first income taxes were raised by the father of the Republican Party Abe Lincoln to keep America from dividing in the Civil War. Republicans today are pushing the homeless poor to the breaking point and the middle class is feeling a sort of inflation too as Trump’s billionaires relax in the lap of luxury they have earned because they can do what Trump told his early supporters he did to get things done in politics. He bought politicians and his fans loved his wink wink joke.

I remember when Republicans changed the name of the estate tax on the rich to a death tax as though it was a threat to people without fortunes. My Republican state senator, Jim Gustafson, a long time businessman hated that idea of renaming it and installing a permanent class of super rich aristocrats. My Dad told me when I was a kid that events like the French Revolution with its bloody rolling heads falling from the guillotine was what nations that turn their back on the poor could expect to happen. How ironic that those people are supporting a man who thinks they are so stupid they would vote for him if he shot somebody on New Yorks fifth avenue. I hope he’s wrong about that. As Lincoln said, you can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time…….but someday they will realize that ponying up their money to a crooked billionaire to keep him out of jail was a poor investment.

As for the signs above. I started putting them in Hermantown along Pete Stauber’s old address. I got a call from up the North Shore from a Republican who I couldn’t quite believe had it out for Pete who asked me for a passel of signs to pass out. She said Pete was a liar for claiming to have voted for all the local spending he voted against. A lot of people have told me that as I go door to door. I am a little afraid to ask her what she thinks of Trump who runs circles around Pete in the dishonesty department.

I call the signs above the masked and the unmasked. I think they look great side by side.

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