My beef with white suburban college graduates

Beating up Donald Trump is way too easy and, frankly, just a little boring. Not the horse race. It remains to be seen if he can salvage a victory by doing what he will claim was done to him if he concedes losing….cheating. With the help of the crass amoral Republican political parasites that infest the GOP he could stay in office another four years. And if he pulls that off another four might be in order.

So the horse race will keep taking my breath away but the subject of this amoral jerk comes more and more simply to induce my gag reflex. How can a disciple of both Norman Vincent Peale and Roy Cohn possibly destroy the dream of the founding fathers?…….maybe not boring but its the topic above which I really want to write about…..because I suspect its white college graduates who account for Trump’s success to date. They are the very Republicans who let Trump happen….or at least set the stage for his unanticipated victory in 2016.

But I’m not going to address it now. I have French to study today. I have wild raspberries to collect. When these activities are done I may not care to write about white suburban college graduates letting American democracy go under.

Check back later today or tomorrow to see if I can keep this topic burning enough to rekindle it after attending to my more pressing concerns.

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