Some dizzyingly good news for Duluth taxpayers

I didn’t want to harp only about the bad news at our Tuesday meeting.

(Darn it. I can’t find the story on the Trib’s website and it looks like I failed to clip it a couple days ago in my paper).

So I brought up the very good news that the state Senate agreed to OK the bailout of (DTRFA) the Duluth teacher’s pension. According to a note we got from the District’s lobbyist it will cover a nearly $157 million in a shortfall that many were saying Duluth voters should be forced to cover at a cost of perhaps eight million a year. Crikey!

I thought it was a proposal that wasn’t going anywhere and I was ready to beat up our legislators for not helping us cover our financial behind. The verbiage has to be worked out between the to House and the Senate and the Governor still has yet to sign it but it looks like a done deal. If its not done it won’t be pretty.

If my back wasn’t so sore from typing I’d have more to say about the pension…….oh well. Speaker Reed beckons.

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