Sunday began with Church. We picked up S. at his group home and drove him to Glen Avon Prez. He is in his eighties He’s tiny, autistic, barely communicative and his head juts out ninety degrees forwards from his shoulders. When we first began attending Glen Avon S. drove his mother to church. Today, at […]

Joyeux Noël

This Christmas Season has had a subtext of World Wars about it for Claudia and me. I just finished reading the fabulous “Last Hope Island” out loud to Claudia and am half way through “Last of the Doughboys.” We have both been working on French lessons on the app Duolingo . Given six or seven […]

Fascism lite?

Donald Trump is not a Jew hating Adolph Hitler and the United states in 2016 is not the desperate post-war Weimar Republic still reeling from the devastation of World War I. That said, I’ll mention the similarities I see with Hitler’s rise to power and the Trump Campaign which has led many Republican Newspapers to […]

Necroscopy of a meeting, Part 3

I’ll begin with this cryptic comment. Anyone who thinks that some of my communications are unpleasant, has no idea how some on the Administrative side have dealt with folks on the minority’s side. Mine have been tepid by comparison – all bark and no bite. *********************************************************************** I played good cop and bad cop ahead of […]

1st Day of Christmas B

Here’s that Spirit of Christmas Past I was telling you about. At our Church Men’s group this week one of the fellows, a retired pastor, discussed a book he’d read about how Charles Dicken’s Christmas Carol saved Christmas. It is a fine story. Claudia has made it a habit to watch several versions of the […]

Daytrip to Sweden

I’ve been emailing back and forth between Mel and Chris between sleeping a sight seeing. This morning we were working out details of a little radio campaign we are arranging before the primary while the radio ad rates are at their legally prescribed lows. Rod Grams station in Little Falls charges through the roof so […]