Meanwhile back in education land

What we should be talking about instead of the egos and vanity of seven Duluth School Board members got a mention in today’s Trib. The developer who is hoping to help build a new Edison Charter High School is momentarily stymied. If the School Board wasn’t mired down in its own commode it should take […]

Word Search of the Day

Its close enough to ten I’ll post a little. In honor of Mitt Romney I thought “mire” would be a good word search. Then I remembered it was in admire which would show up alot. Then I thought of “handcuff” but remembered an anecdote regarding one that I’d blogged about ad nauseam. Then I thought […]

Back to Blogging in DC

Yesterday all my efforts to connect to a wireless network were stymied. I spent the morning trying to find the townhouse where I spent the summer 34 years ago when I interned with Congressman Ancher Nelson. I got close but since I didn’t have the address I couldn’t be sure exactly where it was. I […]