I made the Duluth News Trib a couple days ago much to my amusement. Reporter Brady Slater, who has been covering the Congressional campaign in Minnesota’s Eighth District, emailed me some questions wondering what I made of Pete Stauber’s silence on his email snafu. I was quoted correctly saying that he wanted to keep it […]

It was just a mistake

Sarah Horner emailed me back after getting my link to the Grant/Nettleton/Congdon snafu. JCI told her that it was just a mistake and that they’d corrected it. I theorized that it was because they’d been monitoring our internet communications that they’d discovered it. Gee, I’m starting to sound like a paranoid. Which reminds me of […]

What to expect today

It was a seasonable 46 degrees when Claudia and I headed out to vote at 7:30 AM. I was the 24th voter at our precinct and the polling place was teeming with voters. It should be a good turn out. Frank sent me yesterday’s forecast by the Cook Report which downplayed the recent reports that […]


After a week of no access to the Internet I’m almost ready to get back to the campaign. We arrived in Ribe, Denmark a couple hours ago and will fly out tomorrow morning. If I get a chance after dinner maybe I’ll try to upload some more photos of our travels although that will probably […]