Ten Hours Sleep

Once again so much has happened that I will never catch up on blog posts. Loyal readers will simply have to wait until my book comes out, whenever it comes out. If I’m sent to prison I’ll have plenty of time and few distractions to finish it up early. I know, I know. I promised […]

2:30AM – can’t sleep

So I got up quietly shut the door to my bedroom and tiptoed into my office. Looked out the window and saw two young men skateboarding to the intersection of 21st Ave E. They turned on their flashlights and headed straight down the hill on the avenue on their boards hoping for no traffic and […]

4 AM – can’t sleep

Some people like a good breakfast to start the day. I like a good night’s sleep. I think I caught a few winks before midnight but I was up by 2AM and its no good trying to collect the rest of them. Maybe its all the caffeine I’ve had today. I swore off real coffee […]

Sleepless Night

Claudia and I gave up caffeinated coffee six or seven weeks ago mostly to get a good night’s sleep. A week ago it occurred to me that I was sleeping pretty well even in the midst of a campaign where my brain never ceases to wrestle with the immense challenge of coming out from nowhere […]

Turley’s defense of Trump

This best argument the Republicans on the Judicary Committee could muster against continuing the Impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump Nine minutes long followed by my thoughts: The first three law professors to speak made strong arguments to proceed with a House indictment of the President. The lone GOP witness, Johnathan Turley, managed to make me […]

Yesterday was a good day…

…today is a good day. In fact the whole week has been good. Monday I participated in my second rehearsal for the Duluth Superior Chorus. I had sung with the chorus for about five years a decade ago but set it aside when I got caught up in the Red Plan imbroglio and stayed away […]