Eminent Domain

World, National and State News has been so dramatic as to leave the Red Plan controversy in the dust. As one example the I-35 mega project’s potential shut down will overshadow almost everything else for a time if it should come to pass. I say this almost in apology for my continued harping on Red […]

Batting .500

That’s a great stat in baseball but not in journalism. There’s a pretty good story in today’s paper about a homeowner who doesn’t want to sell his home to the School District. I say pretty good despite the big question it glosses over – Will the School Board renege on its promise not to use […]

6:30pm, Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Thank you for helping finance the lawsuit against JCI and the Duluth School District. We’ve just asked the District Court to hold six school board members personally liable for their unlawful spending of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars without competitive bids. This hardly begins to cover the wrongs they’ve committed. They claim to represent […]

Pumpkin carving and the debates

Last night Claudia and I carved pumpkins for All Hallows Eve while we listened to Minnesota’s gubenatorial and senatorial debates. I thought the Independence Party candidates handled themselves quite well. In fact, after the Governor’s debate I commented to Claudia that Minnesota could be proud to have fielded three such bright and articulate candidates this […]

Soda Schmoda

Another interesting item in school news. ExPrez Bill Clinton has brokered a deal with the soft drinks industry to pull soda pop out of the nation’s schools by 2009-10. Here’s a little Duluth backstory to this: Last night I was talking to a former high school principal and he mentioned this in regards to our […]