Rank Choice

I listened to an interview on MPR today that raised my hackles. It was not this story from two days ago. Instead it was an interview with Forest Lake Republican, Mark Koran, pushing a law to forbid any ranked choice voting in Minnesota even where the local voters have put it into affect. In other […]

Rank Vote

I don’t have a category for just “politics” or “elections” so I’ve lumped this post about Ranked Choice Voting under “hope” and “moderation.” My Buddy has become a fan of Karl Schuettler’s blog “A Patient Cycle” and he sent me this link to Karl’s very sensible appraisal of the debate over ranked choice balloting. This […]

Misc thoughts about political manipulation

A. I just read a worrisome story on my cell phone from Politico about Google’s potential to determine the winners of elections. Reassuringly I found it easily just now on Google itself. It was the first thing that came up in my search results. B. I’ve been skeptical but neutral on the current enthusiasm for […]

Jungle Primaries – weeding out the wing nuts

I’ve had the extremely complicated “ranked choice voting” explained to me numerous times. I’ve remained skeptical that it is a worthwhile innovation. In some ways it is similar to the complicated US presidential electoral system which when a minority candidate wins leads to much unhappiness. I do understand this system and can offer up reasons […]