Paranoia Pt 2 (The Deep shit state)

What is prompting this thread is the book I opened again in the middle of last night when I couldn’t sleep “1920, The year of…” I read a passage that presumed to explain a long standing mystery…..What were Sacco and Vanzetti guilty of if anything. I’ll get to that in later posts. But it reminded […]

Paranoia Pt 1

……………………………Pages………Hits………Bandwidth ph Philippines ph…… 13,847.. 14,925…. 296.13 MB us United States us… 6,761…. 12,671….. 436.29 MB cn China cn…………….. 2,858….. 2,872….. 13.08 MB Looking at my blog stats this morning put this frosting on the cake of my thoughts about paranoia. a subject occasionally touched in this blog. Its been sort of a lifelong nuisance […]

A new Era of paranoia?

This mornings anonymous emailer sent me a gracious if paranoid message to my reply about the District’s Building sales. Let me first mention that what caught my attention about the email was the tag end that said it was encrypted to guarantee anonymity. I had just read a news story in the wake of Yahoo’s […]

Julius H. Barnes

Last night when I woke up in the middle of the night I picked up the book 1920 – The Year of the Six Presidents. Its an engaging book and so far most of the chapters have been excellent summaries of these past and yet-to-be Presidents. A long look at the bibliography and chapter notes […]

Friends in strange places

The Duluth School Board is and ought to be paranoid about voters who distrust it. We should be especially concerned about driving more of them to paranoia. That fear was on my mind when I wrote an op-ed piece a year ago lamenting the continuing 709 feud with Duluth’s charter school, locally known as “Edison.” […]

What’s up with Rockridge?

It hasn’t hit the press yet but Rockridge neighbors all know about it already. There was a meeting with them today. I sent a suggestion in that there be an open house to welcome everyone to the school if and when it takes on a new educational function. The word got out to M_________ and […]

Trump in our High Schools

As I was putting Christmas decorations away I got a gander at my two models for last year’s snow sculptures. The subjects bookended my year although the one in back (of Donald Trump wearing a tiara for his victory in South Carolina) followed me like a ghost all year until he turned out to be […]

Many Rivers, Little info

Yesterday’s School Board meeting will be up on Youtube in a few days. It was nearly three and a half hours long. My seatmate, Dr. David Kirby, who I suspect was appalled at how long the meetings were lasting early when he joined the Board this year told me he had recently spoken with an […]