Paranoia Pt 2 (The Deep shit state)

What is prompting this thread is the book I opened again in the middle of last night when I couldn’t sleep “1920, The year of…” I read a passage that presumed to explain a long standing mystery…..What were Sacco and Vanzetti guilty of if anything. I’ll get to that in later posts. But it reminded […]

Paranoia Pt 1

……………………………Pages………Hits………Bandwidth ph Philippines ph…… 13,847.. 14,925…. 296.13 MB us United States us… 6,761…. 12,671….. 436.29 MB cn China cn…………….. 2,858….. 2,872….. 13.08 MB Looking at my blog stats this morning put this frosting on the cake of my thoughts about paranoia. a subject occasionally touched in this blog. Its been sort of a lifelong nuisance […]

A new Era of paranoia?

This mornings anonymous emailer sent me a gracious if paranoid message to my reply about the District’s Building sales. Let me first mention that what caught my attention about the email was the tag end that said it was encrypted to guarantee anonymity. I had just read a news story in the wake of Yahoo’s […]

Molotov’s Wife

Note: I’m afraid I lied. I have not taken the time to proof read and edit this entry. I studied French instead. I woke up from a dream in which two of my life’s goals were pitted against each other. Contemplating politics I had moved to southern Minnesota while I was in the process of […]

More on vigilance

I have been heartened by the large response to my recent post on Vigilance. If we had a smarter adversary trying to undermine our Democracy than Donald Trump I would be closer to hysteria. The late night hosts are doing a far better job explaining his administration’s follies and machinations than I could. That gives […]

Pickle relish and ketchup on my Deep State, Please?

Mother nature woke me at 4AM. The “Deep State” prevented me from going back into a deep sleep. Before I launch into my thoughts about national paranoia I’ll start with local paranoia. I often mentioned the slogan I jokingly suggest should be our school board’s operating principle: “Just because you’re paranoid DOESN’T mean that someone […]

A pleasant day ends with a nightmare

I got my grandson’s to school a little after eight and scurried home to prepare for a meeting with my fellow school board members and the Superintendent. BUT AT NO TIME WAS THERE A QUORUM WHICH VIOLATED THE MINNESOTA OPEN MEETING LAW!!!!! This is something new that Supt. Gronseth ran with. He is meeting once […]