Hiding one’s mistakes

I found this Sully post interesting. Its about whether people or machines are to blame for accidents ie. Fukashima, car crashes, etc. The scientist who has been investigating the question wants to blame machines noting that laying the blame on human falibility tends to end up in either covering up the problem (obscuring the need […]

Ramos Correction

John Ramos, true to form, admitted a mistake, albeit a tiny, picky mistake in his last column. He did not realize that there were eight school board candidates appealing to the Duluth Federation of Teachers for their endorsement. It was strongly suggested that his failure to mention former Denfeld teacher and current Speech Coach, Jill […]

Big Boo Boo

I made quite a fuss in this recent post about our lost ISD 709 students (30% of the total students we could be educating) only being lost do to “open enrollment” to neihboring Districts. In that post I incorrectly explained, “By the way, Open Enrollment DOES NOT INCLUDE ENROLLMENT IN CHARTER SCHOOLS!!!!! That’s extra.” I […]

Small World

Shepherding my grandsons around I forgot to check my calendar this morning. No problem. Memorial Blood Bank called to ask why I was late for my 92nd pint contribution. They told me it was OK if I showed up half an hour late. I hurried over and saw that someone had just signed in five […]

’ Blog Housekeeping

For several years I’ve been greatly annoyed that bugs sneaked into my blog posts. They are punctuation bugs. Maybe you’ve noticed them especially if you’ve followed my search function to older posts. They are especially common from the time I began serving for my third term in 2014. I still don’t know what caused them […]

Tonight could be an interesting meeting…

…here is an email the School Board recently received regarding it: Good Morning Duluth School Board Members! Thank You all very much for the time, energy and attention you provide our District! The critical role you each play in our children’s future is extraordinary and challenging. I’ve had the unique privilege of getting to know […]

Necroscopy of a meeting, Part 3

I’ll begin with this cryptic comment. Anyone who thinks that some of my communications are unpleasant, has no idea how some on the Administrative side have dealt with folks on the minority’s side. Mine have been tepid by comparison – all bark and no bite. *********************************************************************** I played good cop and bad cop ahead of […]

Harry reads Adano

I love this book. It won a Pulitzer in 1945 the year after it was first published and while the Second World War was grinding to an end. I am about to start Chapter 23 which is two thirds of the way to the end. I decided to record the Foreward and the first chapter […]

Let’s get real #1 – Has that ship sailed?

This is a sort of a morning-after-the-crisis post. It will be the first of several more posts to come examining the recent nonsense manufactured by people with hidden agendas or smothered in cluelessness. All of these posts will have at their heart (my heart) the question above: Has the DPSA ship truly sailed off to […]