The lies of Keith Dixon #4 and 5

Dr. Dixon told his first recorded lie in Duluth just three days into the job. His arrival in Duluth coincided with the completion of the memorial to remember the infamous 1920 lynching of three black men in Duluth. I’ve read Michael Fedo’s book on this incident twice over the years and recently took part in […]

From Bullies to BFFs

Four and a half hours of sleep. For me, these days, not bad. At 4:30AM I decided to walk half mile down hill to McDonalds for coffee and some apple pies. Keeping your temper is an important part of life. Mine has not been exactly angry during the recent long blog posting binge, just a […]


It was cold and unpleasant and I just couldn’t bring myself to go door to door. Shame on me. My only scheduled campaign activity was a League of Women Voter’s forum at the new and improved Grant School. Its been renamed Myers-Wilkins Elementary. I spent my afternoon catching up on some reading until I got […]

Paul Replies

Paul Goosens has sent me a quite rational, if not irrefutable, response to my recent post. Its gratifying to know Paul still checks my blog out: Greetings, Harry I read with interest and continued amusement, your recent post about the plans to build a new school for Edison Charter Schools. I will spare the details […]

The Reader and writin and rithmetic

After all the advertising I’ve put in the Northland Reader for my book I was pleased to get a last word in that publication before the election. The Eve of Construction. Damn the Reader Weekly. I was happily out of school board politics for two years when the Reader’s publisher shamed me into writing a […]

How about Dixon High?

After reading Jim Heffernan’s letter to the editor I had a nightmarish thought. What if the current school board and their ilk retained control of the School Board and decided to honor the Superintendent by renaming one of our schools for him? If I had my druthers I’d put up bronze plaques on all our […]

Glass replies to Dixon

Gary Glass’s reply to Dr. Dixon’s unsupported claims in Friday’s Trib made it to today’s paper. I quote them in full and heartily concur. The May 15 editorial, “the Dixon line,” featuring quotes from Duluth Schools Superintendent Keith Dixon, read like his typical and chronic truth-spinning. Dixon claimed community support for the red plan. If […]

and the Mason jar

The understaffed Duluth News Tribune which can’t muster the manpower to properly report the Red Plan got a little help from the editorial board. It had a “quite candid” conversation with the Superintendent in order to give his side of the story. “The Dixon Line.” There’s nothing like a long string of non sequiturs to […]

The lies of Keith Dixon #3

I’ve been trying to get into Dr. Dixon’s head since I realized the folly he was intent on pursuing. Keith Dixon wasn’t always the “Silver Fox” that his adversaries in Faribault nicknamed him – the Smooth, charismatic, charmer who always knew the right strings to pull to stay out of trouble. A photo from his […]

The Lies of Keith Dixon #2

I’ve spent the last couple hours reviewing the documents our attorney has prepared for the Sixth District Court. Some I had not yet read in full and I had not fully cross referenced what I had read with the many affidavits, all JCI/School District documents. I was once again taken aback by the simple and […]

Mimi and Keith

I just read the full email Mimi Larsen sent her side. Tucked inside are Dr. Dixon’s observations. I’ll follow it up with the next post and a couple observations of my own. To: Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 8:09 PM Subject: MoveForwardDuluth Weekly Update Hi all, Well the School District and the Long Range […]

The Lies of Keith Dixon #1

I’ve thought about making this headline a regular post for a couple months now but since I haven’t been keeping that close a track of them I shrugged off the idea. But Dixon just told a whopper and I can’t let it pass. He just sent an email to Mimi Larsen about why everyone who […]

and eating it too

Rather than simply link to today’s letter-to-the-editor on the Red Plan I’m republishing the entire letter. The most recent revelation in red plan is the construction of a $6 million stadium – once eminent domain removes families and clears land. The new eastern Duluth high school will have students driving, adding to congestion on London […]

Rallying the Dixonites

This op ed piece in the Trib’s Business North Section is likely part of the drum roll to support the Red Plan and the Promise that requires an operational levy to pass. Frankly I don’t disagree with very much of what its author, Rob West, said. For instance how can you argue with this: “…we’re […]