Gangrene Pt 5 – That other letter

Then there was that other letter in today’s DNT: Let me quote select passages: I’m finding it hard to believe the News Tribune’s endorsement of a voodoo doll-wielding former School Board member instead of a former member with a business degree and an economics and math minor and who is a small-business and rental-property owner. […]

Western Duluth Lens, DFL Trolls?

You will no longer find the conversation from the previous post on the Western Duluth Lens Facebook Page. Its a dodgy page with only a few scant posts imitating a pro-Western Duluth “Collaborative.” Its anonymous. There is no way to know who administers it. Its administrators paid to have a post taking my words out […]

Mayor Emily Larson’s anonymous “collaborators” at the Western Duluth Lens…

…have borrowed the tactics of the Hillary Clinton bashing, Putin-paid, Russian hackers to discredit me two weeks before the Nov. 7th General Election. I don’t appreciate it. Here’s what the Lens “collaborative” says about their work with Duluth’s Mayor: “A Western Duluth Collabrative Leadership Team working with our city leadership to provide insight into areas […]

Letter to the Editorial Page Editor – Pt 5

Part 5 In the Dixon years the District has had its fingerprints on several such character assassinations. The first was committed by Ralph Doty using his Fargo Forum funded column in the Budgeteer to utterly annihilate my reputation three days before Judy Seliga-Punyko defeated me in the 2007 election. Doty hadn’t lived in town during […]


Yes, I have one. I have a big ego. Its a prerequisite for running for public office. The same can be surmised for everyone who ever ran for the Duluth School Board. Today ego seems to be the charge hurled at me and Art. Our egos stand in the way of the smooth functioning of […]

WW III – Fools rush in

For the past six months I’ve resisted the urge to blog – much. I came onto the School Board in January with an open mind. The Red Plan was behind us as a construction project but its obvious destructive consequences had to be dealt with. I do not take back a single thing I said […]

Nugget 4 – Singing the blues

I’ve commented briefly about the Spanish 5 classes. I’m sure that the Board will now be shamed into making sure Denfeld students get that class just like my daughter did twelve years ago. I’m just not sure what we will take away from our schools to fund it. Meanwhile the Trib’s Jana Hollingsworth wrote a […]