On Defamation

I got an email on defamation this morning that I want to publish. I’ve asked for permission before I run it. Stay tuned. ********************************** I got the go ahead. This comes from the Chief editor……if that the right title……………of the monthly Zenith City Weekly. It has a companion website. I think the presence of Duluth’s […]

Western Duluth Lens, DFL Trolls?

You will no longer find the conversation from the previous post on the Western Duluth Lens Facebook Page. Its a dodgy page with only a few scant posts imitating a pro-Western Duluth “Collaborative.” Its anonymous. There is no way to know who administers it. Its administrators paid to have a post taking my words out […]

Fascism lite?

Donald Trump is not a Jew hating Adolph Hitler and the United states in 2016 is not the desperate post-war Weimar Republic still reeling from the devastation of World War I. That said, I’ll mention the similarities I see with Hitler’s rise to power and the Trump Campaign which has led many Republican Newspapers to […]


Yesterday, Sunday, I attended the memorial celebration for Al France. Al was one of the movers and shakers in Duluth and in his late eighties at his death so this celebration of 300 plus looked to me like the power elite of Duluth twenty years ago. When I told this to Claudia, afterwards, she said […]