Chopped Liver

Pretty Picture huh? I just found this in the 30 page report that ISD 709 paid for when an alert reader sent a story to me about this evaluation of the Central location. I immediately put in a demand/request to see it and today it was sent to me and the other school board members. […]

Chopped liver follow up

The fellow asking me about the late notification I received from Administration on the failure of the Rockridge property sale was my oft mentioned “Buddy.” He wrote a clarification in reply to my last email: Harry: Because of my affection for the concept embedded in the Equal Protection Clause, I am concerned only if the […]

Chopped liver

A question via email: Harry: But were board members other than you and Art Johnston, also not immediately told about what had happened? Was the circumstance such that what had happened was a fait accompli, and that there was nothing further for the board to immediately do? My reply: I don’t know who knew […]

Chopped liver

I’ve waited in vain for my letter from Defense Counsel Sue Torgerson alerting me to my new status as attorney pro se. This, according to Ms. Torgerson, prevents me from speaking to School Board member Gary Glass until such time as I find a new attorney to represent my interests. Presumably all five plaintiffs will […]

But do we get a say?

I found the concluding paragraph in this very long article about the JCI inspired dilemmas facing the St. Louis County School system very interesting for what it implied Duluth ought to be doing about Dr. Dixon’s surprise $32 million in discovered school building funds: There is one other option — a second referendum to change […]


I just heard the Tan Man yell “Tunnel” from my daughter’s old room. He wants her to crawl under the covers of her bed and lift up the sheets to play under. That’s one of the things I missed in California. I’ve gotten spoiled by seeing him regularly. This morning he was talking to himself […]