Western Duluth Lens, DFL Trolls?

You will no longer find the conversation from the previous post on the Western Duluth Lens Facebook Page. Its a dodgy page with only a few scant posts imitating a pro-Western Duluth “Collaborative.” Its anonymous. There is no way to know who administers it. Its administrators paid to have a post taking my words out […]

With 20 x 20 hindsight

Supporters of the Red Plan School Board have constantly accused Red Plan critics of misrepresentation of the truth. In fact it has been the other way around since the early days of the Red Plan. I pulled out some old Trib stories from the past to illustrate this point. This one titled Overheard: Johnson Controls […]

“Fair enough”

So, where have I been for the past couple days? I have a post with nothing in it lined up to talk about the persecution of Art Johnston by a gold star teacher. I know what will go there I just haven’t found the time to write it yet. The person who prompted my last […]

Mystery letter

I will have a lot to say in coming days about the latest victim of ISD 709’s character assassination syndrome. It will be largely speculation because it is probably union directed in close cooperation with the School Administration. Its target is apparently my top choice for the School Board at-large position. Evidently brains, courage and […]

Stealth is for ninjas

I’m not a ninja. I’m not an open book but I presume anyone who visits this blog with some regularity does it to find out what’s going on, in my head at leas, if not in the Duluth School District. Therefore, I’m puzzled that some people bend over backward NOT to read what I have […]

Shadows on the cave wall

I had a very nice lunch with the Superintendent yesterday. Afterward he prompted me with a question to get me past pleasantries to the meat of a discussion he knew I wanted to have with him. He mentioned that our PR person had stepped into his office to ask him if he was about to […]

A warning to Minnesota School Board members before engaging the legal services of Attorney Kevin Rupp

Background: I am Harry Welty. I served on the Duluth School Board from 1995 through 2003. I attended every MSBA conference in those eight years. This is my second conference since getting reelected to our Board in 2013. I’ve never had my eyes opened so wide at our conference as I did at last night’s […]

Could I raise $30,000 in three months?

I think so. What our current school board is in the process of doing is so egregious that I suspect ultra liberals, ultra conservatives and the most passionate libertarians will jump on board to counter them. It was bad enough that seven years ago that they embarked on a $257 million building plan to impose […]

No more pantomime for me

I can’t think of a better or more appropriate way to start my blog in 2015 than with the first newspaper cartoon ever attempted of me in my long political career. Richard Thomas is not only an excellent reporter but a pretty good hand at cartooning. That’s the only newspaper job that ever appealed to […]