Otto immobile

Two months ago I gave the State Auditor, Rebeccca Otto, a letter about my concerns about the School Board’s apparent violation of its public duty to review and vote on large expenditures of the public’s money. For weeks I wondered whether anyone had seen the document other than my blog’s eight loyal readers. Well a […]

There is no there, part 2.

So, I just read the Trib’s brief announcement that the report has been completed. Big whoop! Its still under wraps and for peace and comity’s sake it should remain buried like the stinking fish it is. For half a year this has stunk up the School Board and all that this 65 page document manages […]

Family tidbits for my Birthday

On my birthday tomorrow I’ll take my grandsons on a Christmas Tree hunt. Claudia told the boys the other day that we would go out and “catch them” and to bring their nets. “Can they fly?” the Tan Man asked. Claudia said, “maybe.” Tanner then asked if he could shoot them. I just told that […]

Topeka homecoming

In 2002 I visited my old Topeka home with my Mother just as Alzheimers was beginning to intrude into her life. I asked her to drive me around town to show me the seven houses her family moved to, one each year, for the first seven years her father was the Kansas State Auditor. I […]

Nugget 4 – Singing the blues

I’ve commented briefly about the Spanish 5 classes. I’m sure that the Board will now be shamed into making sure Denfeld students get that class just like my daughter did twelve years ago. I’m just not sure what we will take away from our schools to fund it. Meanwhile the Trib’s Jana Hollingsworth wrote a […]