Son of an attorney

I have spent a lot of time since my interview with Attorney Mary Rice typing up a rough draft of my own interview of a black ISD 709 employee who appears to have been badly treated. She also wanted my interview notes: This is the email I sent her to accompany my notes and typed […]

Inflation misinformation

This will be brief. I’ve got more of Lakeside to leaflet today. I’m about 75% done with the 2nd District. I’ve heard it argued that because of the School Board’s neglect we now face this awesome need for $293 million in new buildings. I believe I’ve pointed out before that the argument that the Board […]

Snake Oil

I’ve talked to too many people to remember all the neat little anecdotes I could report about my petitioning. A couple people asked me to run for Mayor. I told them “no thanks.” I added that Duluth needed someone with the courage to make people mad at him. I’ve already done enough of that on […]