A critique of vouchers sent to me by an unexpected source

No matter how much I snarl and quibble with “My Buddy” my Buddy keeps supplying me with interesting material. Our correspondence predates blogs (ten years) and we have chewed over wars, civil rights, politics, gender related speculation and not least to me (big-shot-school-board-member that I am) – education. One of our longest running disagreements has […]

US Education Amway style

AFT President Randi Weingarten visited Lincoln Middle School yesterday. I would have been tempted to stop by had I been paying attention. I’m not sure I was notified of the visit because I haven’t been reading all my District related email lately. I did a mass mailing related to mulch about two weeks ago and […]

Charter Schools on NPR

I was glad to hear this story about Charter Schools today on NPR. It reminded me of one of my early heroes in public education Al Shanker who I once despised. Al started the Charter School movement much to his union’s chagrin. The Edison Charter Schools, now Northstar Academy are one result and the local […]


The next story Sarah needs to write is about Duluth’s parochial schools. I’ve been too busy to check but I’ve heard the Catholic schools (all elementary) are doing quite well. Jeff Schiltz, the guy who sold the Red Plan to the School Board, transferred his Piedmont kids from Hermantown’s public schools back to Duluth when […]