Wake up call – part 2 (now completed)

I’m still practicing French and then I’ll probably start reading the best history of the bloodiest battle in American Military History the Meuse Argonne. Its the battle that led to my Grandfather’s receiving the Medal of Honor. Last night I rewatched the masterful summary of World War I on PBS. So, I’m in no rush […]

Good night

I’ve had a good run on the blog this month. Lots more readers than usual. I’ll keep posting on the Duluth Schools but not nearly as much. There is a fair chance that all the Red Plan school board members on the ballot this fall will be defeated. Trick comment. That’s only one candidate. A […]

Are DNT editors making things up?

Someone who paid closer attention to me noticed when the Trib editorialized as follows: Even Duluthians’ impressions of their public schools are improving, from 49 percent who responded favorably to, now, 56 percent. After skimming through 78 pages of the damn $10,000 survey commissioned by the City of Duluth which is posted online here the […]

My biggest fan and toughest critic

This is me at the State Fair this year. I’ve cut out my traveling companions who posed with me at the Minnesota Public Fair Booth to spare them the grief they will get for associating with Duluth’s most virulent child abuser. You can tell by looking what a smart alec I am. Funny thing is […]

Treating them like our teachers

I found this on Andrew Sullivan’s blog the Daily Dish. What’s happening in Iran is exciting. Thank goodness we didn’t have a President who decided to send American troops in to make Iran a democracy. The folks there may do it on their own instead of have it shoved down their throats like the goodness […]

The Ruskie’s started it

I was wrong. The Russians started it. “Yes,” he said. “Absolutely. We’ve been trying to tell the world about this for months. If you go back and look at the archives you’ll see plenty of calls from the Georgian government saying they’re really worried. Even some Russian commentators agree that this is exactly what happened. […]

More on the Iraq poll

Vic sent me this synopsis of the poll in Iraq. I find it very unsurprising. The headline crows that the murdering thugs of Al Qaeda have lost support. Who said that the terrorist decapitators ever had much support inside Iraq? It sounds as though they were drawn from no more than 5% of the local […]