Our little thing – 1

A quick search on Wikipedia tells me that “little” is not originally part of the Sicilian Mafia’s term for itself, “our thing” or “Cosa Nostra.” I’m not sure where the “little” came from but since I’m talking about our public school hierarchy here rather than organized crime its seems more appropriate and less threatening to […]

Three days before the election!

Like I said in an earlier post. The Trib’s new motto could be “fair and balanced.” Reader’s View: School Board election about moving forward together By Mike Miernicki, Duluth on Sep 7, 2017 at 5:05 p.m. The News Tribune’s brilliant political cartoonist Steve Lindstrom once published a cartoon about Duluth voters in the far future […]


That’s how to describe the Duluth School Board’s modus operandi as demonstrated once again by this story and this editorial: The opportunity seemed clear: Give Gronseth until, say, the end of the school year to see if he could emerge as the strong leader the district so badly needs, to see if he could pull […]

Pulling the cork out

“There is an error”when you try to reach the story in the Nadir about community leaders encouraging the School District to be honest with the public. How appropriate. Maybe it will be fixed by the time you press it. Me and my kind are referenced in the story: “When putting the problems in front of […]