The lies of Keith Dixon #4 and 5

Dr. Dixon told his first recorded lie in Duluth just three days into the job. His arrival in Duluth coincided with the completion of the memorial to remember the infamous 1920 lynching of three black men in Duluth. I’ve read Michael Fedo’s book on this incident twice over the years and recently took part in […]

When liars can’t even figure

I heard about this story from the trib a couple days ago but just got a chance to read it: Duluth News Tribune Published January 17, 2009 Ordean, other schools could be shut down this year The scheduled closing of some Duluth schools could be bumped up to as early as this summer to help […]

Can Duluth voters take an endorsement seriously from editors who did not notice that Donald Trump was an ignorant demagogue,…

…a liar and a seven-year-old sexoholic? Well maybe, but I’m still profoundly disappointed in their at-large school board endorsements. They only grudgingly endorsed me four years ago and they have badly confused my principled fight to protect Art Johnston as something ugly when in fact, the only thing ugly about it was the Tribune’s siding […]

Necroscopy of a meeting, Part 3

I’ll begin with this cryptic comment. Anyone who thinks that some of my communications, are unpleasantly hard have no idea how some on the Administrative side have dealt with folks on the minority’s side. Mine have been tepid by comparison – all bark and no bite. *********************************************************************** I played good cop and bad cop ahead […]

There is no there, part 2.

So, I just read the Trib’s brief announcement that the report has been completed. Big whoop! Its still under wraps and for peace and comity’s sake it should remain buried like the stinking fish it is. For half a year this has stunk up the School Board and all that this 65 page document manages […]


It was cold and unpleasant and I just couldn’t bring myself to go door to door. Shame on me. My only scheduled campaign activity was a League of Women Voter’s forum at the new and improved Grant School. Its been renamed Myers-Wilkins Elementary. I spent my afternoon catching up on some reading until I got […]

A meditation Pt 13

And if threat was a last resort the first resort was equally manipulative. Dr. Dixon is a master at emoting and shedding tears on cue but I have my doubts about his sincerity. From his first minute in Duluth he choked up with one lie, possibly two, calculated to impress his listeners that he was […]

A meditation Pt 12

Among the millions of words I’ve expended on the Red Plan was a history of it that I wrote for the Reader Weekly four years ago before I was willing to describe Dr. Dixon as a liar. One of this series of columns was linked to at the conclusion of the last post. The whole […]

Red Plan Ennui

I’ve had it for a couple years. Mine comes from burn out. I continue to flog the subject out of a masochistic sort of stubbornness. When the DNT failed to show up at my doorstep this morning I checked their website and incidentally peaked at their comment section. A few days ago they had a […]

A meditation Pt 10

Calling any public figure a “liar” is pretty audacious unless you are Republican Congressman Joe Wilson calling President Obama a liar during the State of the Union speech. (Joe got reelected in 2012 unopposed) School Superintendents are particularly unlikely candidates for such epitaphs and opprobrium. They work with children. Nonetheless, they can be scoundrels. Joe […]